Delivery and Returns


If your hoop is damaged on delivery, please send the delivery details along with a photo of the hoop within 24 hours of receiving the hoop to: and we'll be happy to help.

Please note, if you would like to return your hoop in case of damage, it is important to keep the box that the hoop came in along with everything the box contained. This is essential for us to be able to process a refund and return for you.

Your hoop is flexible and durable but to be extra careful, avoid taking it outside and handle it with care and love for the first few days, in case you need to return it. Hoops with scratches or dents that are reported more than 24 hours after delivery will be ineligible for a refund or return.


On Delivery:

Don't worry if your hoop appears slightly oval on arrival and not a perfect circle.

Since we have deliberately chosen a light-weight material to make the hoops lighter and easier to flow with they will have temporarily retain the structure they were put in during delivery.

Pulling or pushing your hoops back into a circle will bring the flexible plastic back to its natural shape.

Additionally, with the Collapsibles, the first few times you may find it harder to fold your hoop but it'll get easier with time. This being said, we recommend collapsing the hoop only when necessary as overdoing it may reduce its lifespan and cause it to crack.